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Accessibility Features

Navigating the site without a mouse

This site uses the standard HTML features for site wide navigation using the keyboard. Listed below are the short-cut keys specific to this site. Other short-cut keys are standard, but vary from browser to browser. These keys will take you to any part of the site. Once within the site you can use the TAB key to go from link to link.

Here is a list of short cut keys that are used within the site

For Windows operating systems: Internet Explorer 5 and later, use Alt + [Access Key number] + Enter. For Netscape 6 + just use Alt + [Access Key number]. For Mozilla Firefox 2 and later: use 'Alt & Shift + [Access Key number]. Macintosh browsers: same as above but use 'ctrl' instead of 'alt').

Key Function
= Home Page
1 Accessibility Features (this page)
2 Non-Historical Records
3 Historical Records
4 Order Certificate
5 About the Data Collected
6 Payments and Products
7 FAQs
8 Glossary
9 Help
0 Contact Us
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